Cricket Arena is a cricket innovation to promote cricket in the North Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.  The venture envisages capturing the spirit of cricket and sportsmanship by creating a web based platform for young Cricketers in the Provinces and sport lovers to engage in playing and admiring Cricket.

The Cricket Arena therefore has embarked this thinking and believes in the creation of a broader space for the communities in the North East to come together for a common cause of building the standards of playing cricket and greater understanding, brotherhood and Development through the game of Cricket.

Since our inception we have kept the momentum flourishing and has set the goal for working with nearly 1500 young Cricketers from the North East aspiring to play the game with expanded resources.

North-Eastern Cricket – An overview

The youth in the North & Eastern landmark of Sri Lanka has been engaged in playing cricket for nearly 30 years. The boys emerged to play cricket since 1980 and for nearly 20 years, only soft ball cricket was played in schools and emerging sports clubs in the Provinces. The game sought interest in the provinces after Sri Lanka’s first ever Test victory in 1980s and boys showed more interest in playing cricket in the urban areas. But the trend showed a gradual change in the 1990s after Sri Lanka’s historical triumph in the 1996 ICC World cup. Many boys gathered to play cricket even in the rural outskirts. After the end of the long lasted civil unrest in 2009, the boys had more open and secured spaces to play cricket, thus the atmosphere created a huge opportunity to initiate playing Hard Ball cricket and nearly 75 clubs registered with the SLC are engaged in playing cricket in all  districts. As for now it’s estimated that more than 3000 youngsters are playing hard ball cricket representing various clubs in the provinces.

Furthermore School cricket has also reached its momentum, and famous schools started to play Big Matches annually which promotes cricket in the schools. Thus Cricket Arena will be a gateway to many school cricketers to enter into the professional arena of cricket.