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I take this splendid opportunity to welcome you all for the first ever web site for the Cricketers and Cricket enthusiast in the North Eastern Region of Sri Lanka and as the Chairman of the initiative I believe that this initiative will definitely  support   the flourishing of the Game in the region with pooled resources.

I still remember the days we all played soft ball cricket amidst political chaos and turmoil in our land that have cluttered the social fabric of our community for nearly 4 decades. We didn’t have resources like these days and sophisticated communication facilities to connect with our friends, but we gathered with the spirit we had and has taken the momentum for generations.

Lot of people play the game and admire Cricket. Many more wanted to be in high positions in all the councils and Associations. But the real momentum and the spirit was missing somewhere and I hope that we have taken that extreme moderation in to our hands to lead the way and all the praises should go to my dedicated team who have put all the work on track.

My Sincere thanks to the officials of the Sri Lanka Cricket, District Associations of Cricket, my Sportive Colleagues, Cricket clubs in Trincomalee and the North East region, The Chief Executive and staff of the Sportive Arena (PVT) LTD, Our school mate Mr. Angelo Premkumar for his facilitation and especially Dr, Saiyolibavan, President of the Eastern Province Cricket association for enthusiastic support and all the well wishers here and abroad who have contributed to this flagship venture.

My splendid thanks goes to our moderator Rt Rev Dr. Christian Noel Emmanuel, Bishop of Trincomalee for his patronage and Hon Rohitha Bogollagama for his guidance and leadership to the launching of the

What we wanted to see that we always keep the true spirit of Sportsmanship and the momentum to pool all possible resources to uplift the standards of Cricket in the North east Region.

Thank you and May God bless all who loves Cricket.

J.B.J Luxman

163/04, Seaview Road